Wonderful DB-3828 Humidity Protection Storage Box Dry Container

  • Suitable HUMIDITY % RH storage of items
  • 60% – 55% Paintings, antiques, Paper money, old books, Fax paper, copy paper
  • 55% – 45% Cameras, Video cameras, Lenses, microscopes, binoculars,¬†magnetic tape, disks, negatives, positive film.
    Musical instrument, stamps, furs, etc.
  • Medicinal materials, tea, coffee, cigarette.
  • 45% – 35% all electronic parts, pc boards, metallic powders, semiconductors, medical supplies ets.
  • 35% Sample, standard measuring tool, seeds, pollen, seedlings etc.
product description

Wonderful DB-3828 humidity protection dry container features easy-to-use, airtight lids and traditional good looks. There are graduated metric measurements molded into the bases. The container is amazingly affordable for photography gears and accessories storage of this quality. Designed exclusively for use with Wonderful rechargeable silica gel (sold separately) to control the humidity level in container.

Wonderful DB-3828 humidity protection dry container is designed with balance air valve to secure the air seat to maximum tightness. Solid plastic cabinet with transparent box design has features of safe and reliable, easy to monitor, high efficiency, good heat preservation and air tight. Analog hygrometer easy for user to control or monitor the humidity and temperature in the box. Currently it is the ideal dry box for those professional who plan to store their staffs in dry condition and easy to mobile.

Design to keep camera set in proper and airtight environment
Adopts high intensity pvc material, strong and preventing fall
Hygrometer Indicator help to monitor interior moisture level
High mobility and able to carry around.