Wonderful AD-159CH Dry Cabinet 183L

183L Capacity
● Three slide-out trays
● Hygrometer and Dehumidifier
● Maintains RH between 35% to 60%
● Internal Automatic Humidity Control
● Clear Glass Door with lock
● Foam pads on base and shelf linings
● Adjustable Shelf Height
● Black matte steel finish
● Low electricity consumption
● High Quality Metal Construction
● Exterior dimensions : W537xD400xH998mm
● Inside dimensions : W520xD373xH946mm

product description

Regulate Humidity
The built-in dehumidifier absorbs moisture to keep normal room temperature inside the dry cabinet. This prevents corrosion that can disrupt the performance of cameras and lenses. Therefore, this can also prolong the life of your photography equipment. Humidity can be adjusted from 35% to 60% to work best with the camera gear inside. It also runs without noise due to the absence of a compressor.

Thermometer and Hygrometer
For easier monitoring, the digital thermometer shows readings even in low light while the hygrometer reveals RH% without needing a separate battery to function.

All items neatly in place
Sort your gears using the adjustable shelves that can accommodate equipment of various sizes. Just slide the tray out to adjust its height. Additional protection against scratches and bumps are also provided by the foam pad lining.

No waste of energy
To reduce the consumption of electricity, it switches from normal to stand-by modes without changing the level of humidity. There is no need for a basin or a water tray either for this dry cabinet is drip-free.

Stylish and sturdy design
The exterior is finished with black matte steel that can repel reflections. You can also easily see what's inside as well as the readings thanks to the clear glass doors. Rubber seals ensure that no air from outside can penetrate the dry cabinet while all gears are secured via the door lock.