Wonderful AD-051CH 50 Litres Dry Cabinets

Electronically Controlled Dehumidifier
Maintains Relative Humidity between 35% and 60%
Protects Stored Items from Moisture, Dust and Dirt
Built-in Hygrometer and Thermometer
Adjustable Slide-Out Shelves Available for Select Models
Foam Padded Base and Shelf Liners
Minimal Electricity Consumption
Glass Door with Lock

product description

Wonderful AD-051CH 50 Litres Dry Cabinets
The Wonderful Dry Cabinet is designed to create a controlled environment with controlled moisture levels and free of dust, and dirt. Electronically controlled with an inbuilt hygrometer and thermometer, the cabinet is perfect for long-term safe storage of sensitive electronic and optical equipment such as digital cameras, accessories, and print media.

Electronic Humidity Control System
An electronic dehumidifier built in to the dry cabinet continuously absorbs moisture to regulate the cabinet’s humidity and maintain a normal room temperature. The controlled environmental helps prevent corrosion and fungal growth to keep your equipment in optimal condition. The humidity level can be manually set between 35% to 60% RH to suit a wide range of items and delicate equipment. The absence of a fan or compressor also ensures that the cabinet runs silently.

Built-in Hygrometer and Thermometer
The Wonderful Dry Cabinet makes it easy for you to monitor its storage conditions. The easy-to-read analogue hygrometer displays the RH% without requiring a battery while the digital thermometer allows you to check the temperature in low light.

Lined Storage
Available shelves allow you segregate and store your gear in different areas for more efficient organisation. These shelves can be adjusted to suit different equipment sizes thanks to its sliding design. The base and optional shelves are lined with foam pads to protect your gear against scratches and impacts.

Energy Efficient and Maintenance Free
The cabinet automatically switches between normal mode and stand-by mode while maintaining the required humidity level, reducing electricity consumption. It requires no consumable parts and is virtually maintenance free. The unit is also drip-free, eliminating the need for a water tray.

Elegant and Durable Design
The Wonderful Dry Cabinet is made with black matte finish steel and features clear glass doors for easy visibility of your equipment and the readings. The door is equipped with a lock to keep your valuables safe and secure, and airtight rubber seals to ensure your equipment remains in optimal conditions.

Exterior W334 x D328 x H573
Interior W310 x D300 x H538
Capacity 50L
Drawers 3