Falcon Eyes MK-180T(FT) Portable Flash

  • Portable Flash w/ battery Pack
  • Carrying Bag
  • Handle & Umbrella R-210T (180WS)
product description

Falcon Eyes MK-180T(FT) Portable Flash w/ battery Pack, Carrying Bag, Handle & Umbrella R-210T (180WS)

The Falcon Eyes flash kit + Battery MK 180T +/MV AD2 is easy to transport in the included carrying bag. The Li-ion battery produces up to 700 flashes at full power (180 W). The kit includes a transparent reflection screen (95 cm), a handle, a falcon eyes Studio Flash MK 180 A, a sync cable, battery pack and reflector. The reflection screen can easily be attached to the studio flash. The Flash intensity of the Falcon Eyes MK 180 A is continuously adjustable from 1/16 to its full power. When the flash is charging, the light on the back of the flash lights up. On Audio Signal indicates when the studio flash is charged. The LED modelling lamp has a power of 3 watts. On the back of the flash, the slave function can be turned on or off. The Flash can be attached to the tripod with the flange connection or the supplied handle. An/MV AD2 battery pack with two powerful batteries (F960 °F/7.4 V Power Bank Sony Compatible) is included. Features of the Falcon Eyes flash kit + Battery MK 180T + MV AD2 * Ideal for wedding shoots on site * Power: 180 watts * Colour temperature: 5500 Kelvin * Charging time: 1 – 3.6 seconds in the box * Studio Flash MK 180 A * Battery Pack/MV AD2 + Power Cord 1.5 m * Handle MP-500 MP-530 MP-600 MP-600R MP-610 MP-800 MP-800R MP-810 MP-830 150S * Folding reflection screen r 210T with cover * Standard Reflector * Protective Cover for transportation, 2x battery (/F960 °F) * 2 x Battery charger * 2 x Power cable * Sync Cable * Carrying Bag