Broncolor Ringflash C 5500k

  • – max. 3200 J
    – f-stop at 2 m (6 1/2 ft) distance, 100 ISO: f 45 1/10
    – 200 W halogen modelling light
    – 200 – 240 V: 10 x 20 W/24 V
    – 100 – 120 V: 10 x 20W/12 V
    – with flash tube, halogen lamp and reflector
    – protecting glass
    – camera holder, lamp cable 5 m (16 ft)
    – compatible with all broncolor power packs
    – conversion kit to Ringflash P availableincludes:
    1 Ringflash C
    1 Operating instructions
    1 Safety instructions
product description

Designed for on camera use, the Broncolor Ringflash C is perfect for fashion, still life, food and macro photography. This special flash head creates half-shadow contours and, depending on the illumination distance these contours are dark and broad (at a short distance) or bright and narrow (at a long distance). The subject itself is largely free of shadow, illuminated with slightly dark contours.

The unique holder of the Ringflash C allows the Ringflash to swivel. The asymmetrical adjustability makes it possible to swivel the Ringflash to a specific angle in the optical axis. The depth as well as the inside diameter of the Ringflash permit the use of camera lenses up to ~90° of the image angle (with small-format cameras this corresponds to a focal distance of approx. 20mm).

This is a ringflash only. A Broncolor power pack is required. This head is compatible with every Broncolor power pack manufactured since 1972.

The light of the Ringflash reaches each spot (even hidden ones) of a subject or a group, making it an optimal fill in light. Its hardness makes it possible to accentuate even shadow areas on the subject’s structure.

A 3 piece honeycomb set is available for the Ringflash C, which allows, in combination with the adjustable light angle, even more precise light control.

Equipped with both a 1/4-20, and 3/8″ mounting thread, for all types of cameras and stands.