Falcon Eyes MQK-600C(FT) On Battery Mobile Flash Twin Kit

Falcon Eyes MQ-600 Specifications

  • Suitable for HSS photography due to the shutter speed of 1/8000
  • Built in Lion-Ion battery (12V – 600mAh)
  • The built-in receiver only works with the RF-Q807C-T transmitter
  • Ability to link the trigger to 7 different groups
  • 100m trigger receiver
  • 5W LED lamp
  • Adjustable power speed (1/64 – 600)
  • Included handle with tripod connection
  • Built in umbrella connection
  • 6.3mm sync connection
  • Equipped with Bowens S-Bayonet
product description

The Professional Falcon Eyes Studio Flash Unit MQ-600 has a flash power of 600Ws and an LED modeling lamp with 5W of power. This studio flash is complete with a built in battery, which can produce 500 flashes on the full strength of the studio flash unit.

Equipped with a fast charging time, tough metal casing, professional Bowens bayonet connection, built in trigger set receiver and a built in power adjuster (1/64 – 600), this MQ-600 flash unit is an advanced flash unit perfect for professional use . It is possible to turn the LED modeling lamp on and off.

As mentioned above, the MQ-600 is equipped with a Bowens S-Bayonet whereby all Linkstar and StudioKing accessories can be fitted. The included high-speed trigger set RF-Q807C-T is compatible with all cameras except for Sony and Minolta. It is important to note that while the trigger set is compatible with many cameras, the high-speed synchronization function on the trigger set is only compatible with canon cameras.

MQK-600C(FT) Mobile Flash Twin Kit consists of:

2 – Flash MQ-600C (Comparable 600WS per unit)

2 – 2in1 Silver/White Umbrella 80cm / 32″ (URN-32SW)

2 – Standard Reflector (SR-19S-MQ)

2 – Remote Flash Release (RF-Q807C-T)

2 – Li-Ion Battery Charger 12V-2A

2 – Light Stand (I2501/B)

1 – Carrying Bag (CC-16)