Sekonic Corporation Japan provides the widest range of light measurement devices for photographers around the world.

Established in June 1951 as Seiko Electric Industries Co., Ltd., the first Sekonic brand exposure meter introduced was the revolutionary Sekonic P-1.

Today Sekonic continues to produce and develop meters for every aspect of photography, serving the film, video, cinematography, and digital photography markets.

Controlling light is an essential skill for photographers, videographers and digital filmmakers.

  • Sekonic C-800-U Spectrometer
  • Sekonic i-346 Illuminometer
  • Sekonic L-208 TWINMATE Analog Light Meter
  • Sekonic L-308X-U Flashmate Light Meter
  • Sekonic L-398A STUDIO DELUXE III Analog Light Meter
  • Sekonic L-478VF 5 Degree Viewfinder for L-478 Series Light Meters
  • Sekonic L-858D-U Speedmaster Light Meter
  • Sekonic RT-32CTL PocketWizard Transmitter Module for L-758 and L-358 Light Meters
  • Sekonic RT-BR broncolor Transmitter Module for the L-858D-U Light Meters
  • Sekonic RT-GX Godox/Flashpoint Transmitter Module for the L-858D-U Light Meters
  • Sekonic SpeedMaster L-858D + RT-GX Transmitter Module Bundle Kit
  • Sekonic Sync Cord for All Flash Light Meters