Falcon Eyes

Falcon Eyes

FALCON EYES, founded in 1993, is a well-established manufacturer and exporter of full range of studio equipment with headquarters in Hong Kong.

We are keen to pay attention and contribution to the photographic and studio equipment industry in order to satisfy our customers’ needs.

With over 20 years of production experience, our R&D team is very experienced in developing creative and Innovative studio equipment which meet the needs of both professionals and amateurs.

Our aim is to provide certificated (CE and RoHS), qualified products and exclusive design to our customers.

Over a decade of development, FALCON EYES has built up a successful and world-wide, including Europe, America, Asia, Russia, Middle-East etc, distribution channel.

  • Falcon Eyes Autopole AP-3500H H 1.50/3.50 m
  • Falcon Eyes Background System SPK-3 with 3 Rolls Black/White/Blue 1.35×11 m
  • Falcon Eyes CS-1920 Detachable C-Stand with Light Boom
  • Falcon Eyes CS-1950L Sliding Leg C-Stand with Light Boom
  • Falcon Eyes Light Stand I-2501 (82-250 cm)
  • Falcon Eyes Light Stand I-2601 92-260 cm
  • Falcon Eyes Light Stand L2900GA/B Heavy Duty 284 cm
  • Falcon Eyes Magic Arm MSW-2A350
  • Falcon Eyes Magic Arm MSW-2A450
  • Falcon Eyes MK-180T(FT) Portable Flash
  • Falcon Eyes MQK-600C(FT) On Battery Mobile Flash Twin Kit
  • Falcon Eyes P-5TD PULSAR