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A/P Adapter (P249)
The A/P adaptor lets you use "A" Series filters with a "P" holder. It is therefore not necessary to buy "P" filters if you already own equivalent "A" filters. Vignetting may nevertheless occur at focal lengths under 35 mm.

Filter Holder Cap (A252/P252)
A filter-holder cap is particularly useful for all those who wish to leave the filter-holder on the lens permanently. This adaptable cover slides into the narrow slot nearest the filter-holder housing, thus protecting the camera lens.

Ring Cap (A253/P253)
The COKIN Creative System includes numerous accessories, including a lens cap which fits onto the adaptor ring. The filter-holder can thus be changed rapidly from one lens to another, an adaptor ring remains on each lens, the cap protecting both the ring and the lens.

Modular Hood Coupling Ring
(A255/P255) (A308/P308)
Very useful, the Modular Hood can take a coupling ring on its outer edge. Shifting the filters away from the frontal lens makes new creative effects possible.

Extension Rings
Some wide-angle and video zoom lenses have a retractable
lens assembly which means that the COKIN filter-holder
may inhibit the use of some focal lengths. To remedy
this situation, add one or several ”extension rings”
between the lens and the adaptor ring of the filter-holder.

Filter Boxes and Wallets

The 306 wallet (top) holds up to 7 filters with filter holder
and adaptor rings. It features a removable compartment pouch
which once removed enables the P305 filter box to be stored in the wallet.
A neck strap and belt attachment is included.

Ref: A306 (A Series) / P306 (P Series)
Z306 (Z Series) / X306 (X Series)
The 305 filter box (Middle) holds up to 10 filters.

Ref: A305 for A Series and P305 for P series filters.
The Handy Filter Wallet (Bottom) is convenient and easy to use.
It holds up to 8 P Series filters.
Neck strap and belt attachment included.

Z/P Adapter (P362/P362M Wide Angle)
The Z/P adaptor lets you use "Z" Series filters with a "P" holder.
Vignetting may nevertheless occur at short focal lengths.